Wednesday, 4 June 2008

wonderful etsy finds

I have been wanting to do a blog for a while about some of the great things ive seen on etsy, i was initially going to base the blog around a theme but with so many things and in so many different styles i decided not to restrict myself and just show a small selection of things i like, for no other reason than i'm loving them

starting from top left going across

1. Im loving traditional style tattoo stuff >>> bird pillow
2. I have had my eye on these for a while >>> wire love letters
3. Im obsessed with whales>>> W is for Whale
4. So cute and often seen in Scotland >>> rain cloud
5. I llove how graphic they are >>> Anchor Embellishments
6. I also love religious iconography >>> Jesus Rose Necklace
7. I'v got some old cinema chairs & now love vintage movie stuff >>> Vintage Movie Ticket Booklet
8. This is an amazing piece of craftmanship, so cute >>> Mini berry pie
9. I bought a spray can cap keyring at my last craft fair, this lamp rocks >>> Spray can lamp


Nora said...

Nice picks! Love the bird pillow!

lorenzstudio said...

I like that pillow and I'm loving those vintage tickets!

Lynn said...

thank you so much for featuring our pillow! :)

Rosebud Collection said...

Really nice things..Did a great job on all your picks.

Custom Ink said...

nautical ! i love the spray can lamp, iv hearted it on etsy, its so cool !!