Monday, 2 June 2008

made in the shade craft fair

so here are some pics from the made in the shade craft fair, it was a great day with some amazingly talented crafters. custom ink and myself both had a successful day, selling twice as much as our last craft fair :)

this is me looking very happy to be a craft stall holder
feel fuzzy/custom ink stand

custom inks goodies
feel fuzzy/custom ink stand

feel fuzzy/custom ink stand

feel fuzzy/custom ink stand

we dont have another craft fair planned yet but im keen to get one organised soon, there just so much fun


Jennifer Otero said...

great blog, i love seeing all the hard work everyone puts in laid out on a craft table....very satisfying!

Karma by Morgan said...

your set up looks great!!

feelfuzzy said...

thanks guys, i love setting all my stuff out in one place :) even better that other people ejoy my stuff nd want to buy from me

strawberryluna said...

Your table looks really lovely and inviting, great job.