Friday, 12 September 2008

my new studio

My flatmate is moving out in a couple days and as sad as i will to see her go i must admit i need the extra space, i am in desperate need to a workspace as my bedroom is so full i can hardly get into it. so in a few days il be decorating and geting the spare room kitted out, i am in love with old school office style and have compiled this bunch of pics to show the sort of style im aiming for (i doubt it will look anything like i want it as im skint but il try my best) stay tuned for some before and after pics when i get round to actualy finishing it

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

magic jelly paperchase

a while ago i send a bundle of vintage papers to magic jelly, far far away in australia. She is running a project, where people send her packages of vintage papers and in return she makes a collage and sends it back, keeping the excess paper, its a brilliant idea and i cant wait to see what she makes for me, it will have pride of place in my new studio :)

my little bundle, as shown on her site

please head over and check out the collages she has already made, there very cool magic jelly

happy birthday

its debbies birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i had a lot of fun finding all her pressies, and wrapping them, especialy since i got some new tag punches so made her tags from vintage maps and filing cards