Wednesday, 25 June 2008

just fondue it

monday was me and debbies 4th anniversary and because her 2 favourite foods in the whole world are bread and cheese and she'd never had a fondue before i thought i would surprise her with one. I found this very cool 70's fondue set at the car boot sale for £2, happy days. I think she had a good time, she was quite excited by her first ever fondue, aw bless

she looks so content

hours or twisting and my bread is still attached to the cheesy pot

look at the beautiful flowers i got :)


Walk in the Woods said...

Congrats! And what a thoughtful food to serve! Bread -n- cheese ... fondue ... prefect!

Love the flowers too - BEAUTIFUL!

feelfuzzy said...

thanks. i see your making ale? im currently making some strawberry wine (first ever attempt) my fingers are crossed for a successful drinkable end result


Looks like a great time!