Wednesday, 25 June 2008

just fondue it

monday was me and debbies 4th anniversary and because her 2 favourite foods in the whole world are bread and cheese and she'd never had a fondue before i thought i would surprise her with one. I found this very cool 70's fondue set at the car boot sale for £2, happy days. I think she had a good time, she was quite excited by her first ever fondue, aw bless

she looks so content

hours or twisting and my bread is still attached to the cheesy pot

look at the beautiful flowers i got :)

Friday, 20 June 2008

my first online advert

i have my very first advert online, thanks to little book of etsy who was giving away free ad spots. for those of you who dont here's the idea behind little book of etsy, "The Little Book of Etsy is a great way of reaching out to the UK buyers. I am currently involved with a small regular craft fayre every Friday and also throughout the year I will be getting involved with some major village and school fayres. Cornwall is a very touristy place and so by giving this book away in the Cornish fayres, you'll be achulary reaching lots of buyers around the UK! I am getting some draw string bags made up and inside will be some promotional goodies also with a booklet made up of LBOE's bussiness cards from approx 60 different sellers!"

me and custom ink have already sent some of our business cards to be included in the goodie bag so hopefuly they will reach lots of customers in the far flung corners of England

can you spot my advert?

Thursday, 19 June 2008

all in a nights work

last night i had a bit of a crafting fest, it was great. My jewelry blanks arrived so i was busy choosing some cute images from my vast vintage book collection to add to them, then emameling them, which id never done before so was a bit of an experiment, spent most of the night popping air bubbles!! I also made these card wallets from some of my favourite pages, they are available in my etsy shop right now!!

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

ships ahoy on the front page of etsy

the treasury i made yesterday made the front page, im super excited as its the first thing iv ever done thats made it there. im glad other people liked my selection

Tuesday, 17 June 2008


i came across these amazing cusions at bonjour mon coussin they are so cool, and sooo many designs to choose from. i love them so much i may have to just buy some, better start saving!! here's a selection of my favourites

nautical but nice

I managed to bag myself another treasury on etsy, so to celebrate the fact that we are going on hiliday at the end of the month and spending the first 2 nights on a ship in stockholm, iv chosen a nautical theme, i hope everyone enjoys

Friday, 13 June 2008

pretty things

i feel like i havnt had an update in a while (due to lack of camera battery i think) so because im having blogging withdrawls iv decided to post some things im loving on various web stores at the moment, here's my selection of lovely things

1. song bird coaster >>> robot candy
2. white candle sticks >>> rosannainc
3. cactus candles >>> sitedesignnyc
4. Mushroom soaps >>> sitedesignnyc
5. Seafaring magnets >>> robot candy
6. Reconditioned 1950s Anglepoise >>> pedlars
7. LOVE pillow cases >>> Lush designs

Monday, 9 June 2008

invaded by cross stitch

After buying some supplies at the craft super store, hobby craft (an amazing place) I had my first attempt at cross stitch, i decided to do a space invader in gold thread, im pretty pleased with the results, i think i will paint the embroidery hoop black and keep it mounted on it and hang it on the wall, i still have one more to do but im going to have to have a think about what to put on there!

here's some pics

Thursday, 5 June 2008

note paper wallet now featuring in Indie Parade

A while back i had applied for my stuff to be featured at indieparade, i had totaly forgotten about it until today when i was looking through all my old bookmarks, having a bit of a clear out etc, browsing through the site i came across my note book wallet, how exciting, not sure how long its been there but its on the front page, hopefuly it will get a bit more people to my wee shop :)

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

wonderful etsy finds

I have been wanting to do a blog for a while about some of the great things ive seen on etsy, i was initially going to base the blog around a theme but with so many things and in so many different styles i decided not to restrict myself and just show a small selection of things i like, for no other reason than i'm loving them

starting from top left going across

1. Im loving traditional style tattoo stuff >>> bird pillow
2. I have had my eye on these for a while >>> wire love letters
3. Im obsessed with whales>>> W is for Whale
4. So cute and often seen in Scotland >>> rain cloud
5. I llove how graphic they are >>> Anchor Embellishments
6. I also love religious iconography >>> Jesus Rose Necklace
7. I'v got some old cinema chairs & now love vintage movie stuff >>> Vintage Movie Ticket Booklet
8. This is an amazing piece of craftmanship, so cute >>> Mini berry pie
9. I bought a spray can cap keyring at my last craft fair, this lamp rocks >>> Spray can lamp

Monday, 2 June 2008

made in the shade craft fair

so here are some pics from the made in the shade craft fair, it was a great day with some amazingly talented crafters. custom ink and myself both had a successful day, selling twice as much as our last craft fair :)

this is me looking very happy to be a craft stall holder
feel fuzzy/custom ink stand

custom inks goodies
feel fuzzy/custom ink stand

feel fuzzy/custom ink stand

feel fuzzy/custom ink stand

we dont have another craft fair planned yet but im keen to get one organised soon, there just so much fun

Sunday, 1 June 2008

while out on a charity shop trip on sat we walked past the town hall only to see 2 large banners featuring mine and custom ink's products, the banners belonged to edinburgh craft fair who we'd done a craft fair with a while back, was such a nice surprise to see our work up on the main street :) here's some pics we snapped

edinburgh craft fair banner1

edinburgh craft fair banner2