Tuesday, 25 May 2010

NZ vintage finds

i thought i would share my vintage finds so far, altho there arnt really many places around queenstown to find many treasures, i have managed to get to a few garage sales. i found this amazing old paint by numbers ship painting in a charity shop in coromandel town ages ago and was going to ship it home, but now im glad i didnt as my room needs some brightening up. and i got the small case at a garage sale, its doing a great job of holding all my bits and bobs


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love your vintage find with the ship!

saya said...

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reub-envision said...

paint by numbers are the best
can't wait till yard sale season again

mj said...

Nice painting, very unique and its look like a really treasure. You are lucky to have that..

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Anonymous said...

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Shaheen said...

Its a very unusual painting. I am loving the waves of the sea and sky.

Happy Christms to you.

reginag said...

Im thinking of its value. Must be really expensive.

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