Thursday, 6 May 2010

kia ora - hello from new zealand

ok, so its been quite a while since my last update, lots of stuff was all going on at once and my poor wee blog got a bit left behind, but now im back! all the way from New Zealand, im here for a year, going to be snowboarding, road tripping and checking out all things NZ, so as a starter i thought i would post some pics from the cool shops i have encountered so far, lots of vintage retro shops

this is a shop called caravan in napier, napier is the art deco capital of the world apparently, its very cute. read all about caravan
this place was very cool, its called house of aroha they had some very cool artwork and design and print all there own t-shirts in the shop

i found this awesome place on my drive between cheviot and christchurch, when i seen a sign for junk and funk it just had to be checked out, a shed just off the highway full of junk, good times :)

i cant remember the name of this place but it was in Timaru and was crammed with tons of cool vintage goodies, sooo much stuff so little money

well thats a selection of what iv found in NZ so far, im hoping to find some good indie craft places at some point, fingers crossed


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Jane Mau said...

Travel, I also want a journey ASAP. Beautiful and cool scenes, thanks. :)

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