Monday, 29 June 2009

summer isn't the same without ice cream

i was one of the luckiest kids of the seventies, my dad owned an ice cream van, it was amazing! we had a whole room dedicated to the storage of sweets in our house, and once a week when my dad headed off to go round the local neighbourhood i would set of after him with 10p in hand, i could of course just have bought my panda pop before he left but apparently i would rather run after the ice cream van and be like all the other kids. it was an exciting time in my life as you can imagine. so in honour of pinkie our ice cream van i have gathered together some stuff that reminds me of those happy happy days

"pinkie" our beloved ice cream van, i really wish my dad still had him, he's so retro!

1. ceramic ice cream cones >>> passionately curious
2. Plastic Ice Cream Bowls >>> hearts and stars
3. Waxed Ice Cream Cups >>> silver crow
4. ice cream coaster >>> robot candy
5. Vintage Ice Cream Scoopers >>> story book charms
6. Ice Cream Lollies tea towel >>> Mr.PS

and as i said..............summer isnt the same without ice cream


Little Dickens Designs said...

I totally agree! In fact, I'm going to make some ice cream tomorrow!

seesaw designs said...

I bet you were the envy of the neighborhood :)

Debbie said...

i think i must of been, esp when my dad cleaned out the freezers in the middle of summer and me and my brother had a snowball fight, the other kids we're sooo jealous

annettebill said...

If you had the ice cream van you could have converted into a mobile home!

Heather M said...

I have to agree with you summer isn't the same without ice cream, but for my house so do spring, fall and winter! lol.

It's so cool your dad had an ice cream van, love those ice cream pictures!

heather the the paid product tester mom