Wednesday, 24 June 2009

5 years of awsomeness

it was me and debbies 5 year anniversary on tuesday, we had an amazing day, starting with debbie making pancakes with syrup, fakon (fake bacon) and whipped cream, yum! she bought me some adorable balloons and i made her some bunting. in the afternoon we headed to the park and had a picnic, it was sooo nice, finished the day of with a movie and some ciders, good times

our breakfast table decoration

our amazing picnic


Lost in the Forest said...

Congratulations :D

That picnic looks delicious x

Debbie said...

Great pics, was an amazing day, thanks babe

seesaw designs said...

Congrats on 5 years - that's awesome!

annettebill said...

Looking forward to you coming home and making us some lovely meals :-)

Heather M said...

Great pictures! and congratulations on 5 years. awesome.

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