Friday, 30 May 2008

what a mug!

I bought a new mug rack at a carboot sale on sunday for 50p, ive been meaning to get one for ages as my mugs are annoyingly stacked up in a cupboard, so hanging them on the wall makes sense, now my only problem is that my mugs dont match and are very ugly! sooo after getting a bargain on the mug rack i now need to spend some money and get some sexy mugs, i think i have found the very mugs, this is how i imagine they will look hung up on the mug rack on my wall

they are from fishs eddy

and cost $6.57 each, only problem is that by the time i pay tax and shipping they might not be quite so cheap, oh well at least the mug rack was a bargain

if anyone can think of something better to write involving 2 4 letter words please feel free to comment, i cant think of anything else

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