Friday, 30 May 2008

vintage, vintage, vintage

Im getting very excited about launching my vintage collection on my etsy shop, its been in the pipeine for quite a while, the vintage items are starting to pile up in my house! i just cant see these lovely items without buying them and since my flat is tiny i feel i have to send them out into the world to find new homes. I have been mostly collecting vintage childrens items as there so adorable, but the odd grown up thing has just been to lovely to pass up. So here is a sneak peak of one of the items that will be on my etsy shop soon (im aiming to have them up by next weekend)

adorable ceramic owl bell

owl bell 1

owl bell 2

owl bell 3


Art By MAR said...

Love that owl! My daughter is obsessed with owls at the moment. I love vintage (as well as handmade)so I'll have to watch for your vintage items on etsy.

feelfuzzy said...

i have to say im loving owls at the moment also. I'm hoping to get the vintage section up on my etsy site this coming weekend, il keep you posted, thanks for your comment :)